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Sri Hari Astrology Training Centre

Astrology explores the world of divine help to mankind with the help of planets and stars.Through the Vedic Indian Astrology, we can find out the nature and sequence of timing of events.

You can know the timing of your profitless ness, money crisis, health problems, disharmony, career problems, differences in the partnership, lack of vigor, unseen events and many more.

Astrology knows how to cure these all. It helps to make you enable to counter all the miseries of your life.

Aims and Deeds of our Training Centre

Sri Hari Astrology Training centre shall train the people in Astrology and make them experts in the field of Astrological Predictions. These experts of Astrology shall spread their wings over many parts of Tamilnadu and propagate the art of Astrology with pin point accuracy.

To help the rural poor to build their economic capital through Programs.

To impart education to poor and economically backward boys and girls.

To create a sense of social awareness in the rural illiterate and backward class people and make them acquire confidence and self reliance enabling them to progress in life.