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Students who have completed the Special Higher course and obtained the title “Jodhida Kalanidhi” from our Vidyalayam will be eligible to pursue this research program. Duration of the program is one year.


The student must select any one of the topics given below and do research on the subject selected using the information collected through a minimum of 25 true-life horoscopes and submit in writing, using the booklet given for this purpose.

  • 1. Farmer doing agriculture on his own land

  • 2. Unmarried [over 50 years]

  • 3. Politicians

  • 4. Entrepreneurs

  • 5. Defence

  • 6. Police

  • 7. Judiciary

  • 8. Prisoner.

  • 9. Hotelier

  • 10. Love Marriage

  • 11. Intercast marriage

  • 12. Divorcee

  • 13. Differently abled person

  • 14. Jewellery Shop

  • 15. Childless till the age of 60.

  • 16. Dairyman

  • 17. Grocery store

  • 18. Auto Repair

  • 19. Nurse

  • 20. Foerign Citizenship

  • 21. Authors

  • 22. The one who had the big accident

  • 23. Adopters

  • 24. Loss of parents at an early age

  • 25. Physician

  • 26. Professional photographer

  • 27. Twins

  • 28. Scholar

  • 29.Nambuskan

  • 30. Uneducated (under 10th class)

Students can choose topics other than these also as per their preference. They should inform the head office in writing about the topic chosen and after getting the approval they can commence their research. The letter of approval must be attached along with the research papers. The head-office will scrutinise the genuineness of the horoscopes used for research.

02. The students must participate in a minimum of two Free Astrological Camps conducted by the Vidyalayam from the date of enrolment of the student and must analyse a minimum of 5 horoscopes in each camp.

01. The students must participate in a minimum of three seminars conducted by the Vidyalayam from the date of enrolment of the student and submit a research paper of two pages on the topic of the seminar.

02. The student must appear for a viva voice interview to be conducted on a specific date to complete his research training

01. Marks for analysing 25 horoscopes 25 x 20 = 500
02. Marks for analysing the 10 h/s in Free Camp 10 x 08 = 80
03. Marks for submitting research paper in Seminar 03 x 40 = 120
04. Viva marks 01 x 100= 100
Total = 800

The student must secure a minimum of 60% in each of the above (4) stages out of the total 800.


The total course fees for this research program is Rs.1200.00. Out of this an amount of Rs.600/- to be remitted at the time of joining and the balance of Rs.600/- to be paid when submitting the research papers.


On successful completion of the research when the students obtain the grades in each individual stage as mentioned above, they will be awarded the SriHari Jothida Vidyalaya’s highest and divine title of “Jyothisha Vashaspathi”

All the above details are mentioned in the booklet that will be given at the time of enrolling for the research project. The students must use this booklet only for submitting their research details. The booklet submitted will not be returned to the student after valuation. Students must keep a copy of the booklet before they submit for valuation.

Note : The Vidyalayam reserves the full rights to use the research materials submitted by the students for the benefit of the society and to create an awareness about the Jyothish sasthra among the public at large.