The higher course is offered to only those who have passed the Basic Course in our Vidyalayam. The duration of this course is also six months only. The course will begin once the results for the Basic Course is announced. This course will also commence in the months of February and August, as in the case of Basic.


1. Studying Astrological Charts and expressing the results and forecasting the events. (HTA-1)
2. Analysing the compatibility of horoscopes for Marriage, fixing Muhurthas, Numerology and Vasthu. (HTA-2)

  • 1. Methods for analysing the horoscopes and pronouncing the effects. (Telling Palan)

  • 2. Steps to assess the strength of Bhavakas

  • 3. The results obtained based on the strength of Bhavakas

  • 4. Rules for judging the effects during the time of a Disa and Bukthi for a horoscope..

  • 5. The study of the effects and happenings for a Jathaka during the time of a particular Disa and Bukthi

  • 6. The results that are determined by the bhavakas which are activated during a disa or bukthi.

  • 7. Computation of ‘Sputam’ (Positional angle of a planet in the Zodiac) of Lagna and Planets

  • 8. Analysis of effects by bhavakas based on their positions during a particular Disa and Bukthi.

  • 9. Prepartion of various charts like Bhava Chkara and Dasavarga Chakra

  • 10. Writing down in the booklet the results of various computations and charts like Rasi, Navamsa , Ashtavarga and Dasavarga.

  • 1. Ashtavargam

  • 2. Method of determining the compatibility for marriage

  • 3. Compatibility of Bhavakas and Disa Period

  • 4. Compatibility as per stars

  • 5. Comparison of Horoscopes for marriage compatibility.

  • 6. Methods for computation of ‘Muhurtha’.

  • 7. Vasthu Sasthra

  • 8. Numerolgy


HTA – I = 100 (100X 1 = 100) (Minimum marks for a pass 35%)
HTA – II = 100 (100X 1 = 100) (Minimum marks for a pass 35%)
Practical = 300 (As per the marks obtained in the Exercise book )
(Min. marks for a pass 60%)

1. Service charges for Higher Course Rs. 3000.00
2. Cost of Books for Higher (Vol II) Rs. 350.00
2. Cost of Books for Higher (Vol III) Rs. 350.00
3. Higer Exercise book Rs. 300.00
4. Examination fees for Basic Rs. 1000.00
Total service charges for Higher course Rs. 5000.00

Note : Students are permitted to pay the course fees of Rs.3000 in 3 or 6 equal instalments.

Higher Studies Book - Part II & III :

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