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We teach in a simple way the technical aspects of Vaasthu like :

  • The Direction of tbe incoming magnetic waves.

  • The centre of the concentration of the magnetic waves.

  • The Direction of the out going magnetic waves.

  • Position of windows and doors in any house having entry on four directions.

  • Assessing the effects of the length, breadth and height of the rooms in any house.

  • How to master numerology ?

  • How to select a name on the basis of the structure of the horoscope, the date, month and year of birth ?

  • How to select the most favourable names which will surelybring business development, happiness in family and achievements in education.

  • Research on palmistry.

  • Effects due to the low and high peaks of planets on the palm.

  • Effecs of the position of the lines on the palm and special signs on the palm and its influence on the individual.

We teach our trainees :

  • The Devine Hymns which help to relive the stress from the effects of the planetary positions.

  • The daily orthodox rituals to be strictly followed by an Astrologer.

We teach in teach in the most aesthetic way :

  • That there is no anti-dote for the ill effects of any particular planet.

  • To find out the horoscopes in which the ill effects of the planets canbe nullified by doing some kind of rituals.

  • On how to accept whole heartedly the happiness and sorrow given by the will of god.

Higher Studies Tuition Fees (Rs.500 / Month) (6 months x Rs.500)Rs. 3000.00
Higher Studies Exam FeesRs. 1000.00
Higher Studies Book Fees (Higher Book Part-2)Rs. 350.00
Higher Studies Book Fees (Higher Book Part-3)Rs. 350.00
Higher Studies Hand Book FeesRs. 300.00
Higher Studies Total FeesRs. 5000.00

Higher Studies Book - Part II & III :

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