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  • The birth of the Universe & the origin of Astrology.

  • The growth of Astrology during the period of Vedas and Epics.

  • Nomenclature of Astrology, its four faces and seven Births.

  • Nine Planets and their Characters.

  • Rasis and their Characters.

  • Details and the description of the panchangams, which briefs about the five phenomena like the day, the Star, Thidhi, Yoham and Karanam.

  • Ugas, Ayanams, /dhanishta panjami, Tamil years, Variety of months.

  • Horai, Periods of four elements like Guligai, Rahu and Ema Kandam, Artha prahanan, Kaalan. The complete details of "Gowri Panchangam" and the methods of Reference.

  • The details and benefits of nine kinds of Gem stones (Navarathnams).

  • And other fundamental aspects of Astrology are taught in an easy and logical way.

  • The details about the Latitude and langitude.

  • Formulate horoscopes as per Vaakkia Panchaangam.

  • Formulate horoscopes as per Thirukkanitha Panchangams.

  • Record the horoscopes as per Vaakkia and Thirukkanitha Panchaangams.

  • Check the recorded horeoscopes for any child of any country using Epimoris and Horaamani.

  • Paavaga Kaarathuvam, Paavaka Adhipathigal and their influence on the Twelve Rasis.

  • Graha Kaarakathuvam and the Planets and their influence on the Twelve paavagangal.

  • Explanation about Kendhiram, Thrikonam, Upa Jeyasthanam, Aboklia sthanam, Panapara Sthanam, Maraivu Sthanam.

  • General prediction on Lagnam, Rasi and Star.

  • Explanation about the Planets Subar, Baber, Maarakar, and paathakar with reference to Lagnam.

  • General and Shutbala methodology to ascertain the power of the planets.

  • General prediction on Lagnam.

  • Gotcharam and the other special Astrological Yogas.

  • Matching the horoscopes on the basis of star for the purpose of marriage.

  • Details about the Dhosas like Kalasthra Dhosham, Sevvoy Dhosham, SSarappa Dhosham, and other dhoshas which affect the person of the horoscope.

  • Process of predicting the effects of co-join of planets and the trajectoruy view of Planets.

  • And the other formulas for Special Predictions.

Fundamental Studies Admission FeesRs. 100.00
Fundamental Studies Tuition Fees (Rs.500 / Month) (6 months x Rs.500) Rs. 3000.00
Fundamental Book Part – IRs. 400.00
Fundamental work BookRs. 300.00
Fundamental Exam FeesRs. 750.00
Fundamental Studies Total FeesRs. 4550.00

Fundamental Studies Book - Part I :

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